Mountain Trail & IMTCA

Affinity Equitation is home to one of only three IMTCA Accredited Mountain Trail Courses in Australia. Our course is professionally designed and built to be safe and challenging with many different elements and obstacles. 

We coach and promote this international horsemanship based sport as part of our Cross Training Philosophy. We are accredited to host and run IMTCA events and challenges. This is a fun and exciting way to build your partnership with your horse, to test your emotional fitness and to find out where you need to strengthen and  grow your Horsemanship!

Come and join us! 


Description of the sport by the founder Mark Bolender:

The new discipline of “Mountain Trail” started out as a result of riding a horse through rugged mountain trails which is something many people do on a daily basis across the world.

It’s anybody’s guess what sort of obstacles you and your horse might traverse ahead on the trail, ranging from fallen tree limbs, moving bridges to deep washouts. An experienced horse and rider can navigate such obstacles just fine if they have the proper training and experience.

However, few things in horseback riding are more dangerous than being unprepared for these eventualities.Navigating difficult obstacles along the mountain trail is actually the backbone of the sport called Mountain Trail.

It began as an informal competition just over a decade ago and has grown into an international competitive sport under IMTCA (International Mountain Trail Challenge Association), with rules and regulations like any other sport.

Horse and rider compete while negotiating difficult challenges that might be found on a mountain trail ride such as rocks, logs, ponds, bridges and a host of others.