Introducing the Affinity Equitation TEam


Principal Coach 


Tamara has had the pleasure of being involved with horses since childhood. Her passion and love for horses has never faded and has developed into a career as an educator of horses and humans. She is personally dedicated to improving her own horsemanship, always trying to stay open-minded and humble to learning and personal growth.

Privileged to have the opportunity to spend time and study with many well respected horsemen and women, both in Australia and Overseas means that she has a real depth of knowledge to draw from.  

Tamara believes the best education a person can receive if they are open to it is from the horses themselves, they are our greatest teachers and keep us true to ourselves and honest about our abilities.

Tamara's 'Classical Horsemanship' approach to education creates change through inspiration not confrontation. When working with both horses and humans her goal is to really connect with them, reaching the mind and heart, establishing trust. 

Building physical and mental balance in our horses based on Calm Connected Communication and correct bio-mechanics assures long lasting results and confidence.

Connection is the key, language is the access that gives us the power to be or do whatever we want in our lives and with our horses.



Business Development and Property Manager

BAden guitar1.jpg

Baden has extensive experience in the IT Industry and runs his own IT Support Business in the Central Vic area.

His qualifications also include setting up and managing large projects and coordinating teams of people to successfully achieve common goals. He has a passion for the land and creating an environment that promotes a positive peaceful experience. 

Baden has played an integral role in the infrastructure development, building and maintaining of the beautiful facilities at both Affinity Equitation's Carlsruhe and Kyneton property's.


Assistant Coaches

Our horses are our greatest teachers, so we would like to recognise them for their role in our education process. 

Our current team includes; 

Amber - Is our lovely champagne Quarter Horse mare, she is a well educated pocket rocket who loves obstacles and cows.

Soleena - Is currently on Maternity Leave. A beautiful black Spanish mare! Soleena is sweet, and super intelligent. 

The arrangement we have in place often leads to connections between our students and our horses. Sometimes students wish to continue this journey on a more permanent basis, therefore the option to purchase one of these amazing horses is a possibility.

We find this supportive co-education arrangement really beneficial to lay the foundation for a successful long term partnership. 

International Coaches

At Affinity Equitation we are committed to QUALITY HORSEMANSHIP and to creating access to the best of the best.

Creating an environment that facilitates growth for ourselves and others. Access to those who inspire us, challenge us and coach us to see what is possible beyond our own expectations is what we all need to achieve greatness! 

We only promote and host horsemen and horsewomen who have integrity to the horse and its well-being. 

Some personal mentors are listed below: 

Jeff Sanders - California Bridle Horse

Belinda Bolsenbroek - The Art of Horsemanship

Manolo Mendez - Training for Wellness

Bill Dorrance - True Horsemanship Through Feel 

Anja Beran - Classical Equestranism

Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.
— Oprah Winfrey