Affinity Equitation is home to BNT Stud.

Breeders of designer coloured PHAA, APHA, AQHA and Australasian Azteca horses.

Our motto is 'Colour without Compromise' and we offer some of the rarest genetic colours with some of the finest performance working bloodlines to be found anywhere in Australia. 

Standing the magnificent imported Blue Roan Tobiano PHAA stallion 'Heza Blue Tom Cat' (imp).  

Progeny by Amber Champagne Quarter Horse stallion 'Reys N Chex' by Rey Dual (imp). 

Progeny by Dunalino Quarter Horse stallion 'Otoes Yellow Image'.

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BNT Stud is producing some of the rarest coloured and top quality Azteca Horses in Australia. Combining all the things we love about the Spanish horse and the Quarter Horse and Paint Horse breeds creates a truly versatile equine friend!

No wonder this is the national breed of Mexico!

We are passionate about this special breed for their incredible versatility, intelligence, trainability and huge personalities! They show particular suitability for the following fast growing equine sports: International Mountain Trail Obstacles, Working Equitation, Cowboy Dressage.

We proudly support the fast growing online registry Azteca Horses Australasia. 'Azteca Horses Australasia website'

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Our assurance is, when you buy a foal or horse from us, you are buying a horse that has been handled gently but firmly, not spoilt or overly desensitized. They have been raised in a natural herd environment, with the correct nutrition.

They are taught to understand and yield to pressure. When our foals are weaned they a NEVER isolated or locked away in a stable for hours on end.

Their bodies and minds are sound which allows them to reach their full potential as performance horses without any bad habits established. We choose to keep our breeding program small so we can put the time needed into each of our foals. 

It is our goal to present all our horses as respectful, sound minded equine friends. The rest is up to you....